• A solution for professionals

    You are a language school or a corporation, looking for innovative technology, wanting to provide quality language training?

    You came to the right place, welcome to our website!

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  • What makes us different ?

    We are the only one to offer a technology dedicated exclusively to oral skills acquisition. Experts in blended learning, we allow you to create a customized solution tailored to your own language training.

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  • How does it work ?

    Unlike other solutions, we are not relying on simple voice recognition, but are able to analyze, and modulate the voice of the learner in real-time. Combined with your teaching in blended-learning, progress is quick and natural.

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  • What can we offer you?

    • A blended learning modality in perfect harmony with your training objectives
      Our content is based on the most recognized language teaching frameworks. Thanks to the ease of use and the power of our revolutionary interface, you can create specific courses in minutes!
    • Rapid progress in listening and speaking
      Our patented technology makes your learners quickly progress on all oral skills acquisition: from listening to production. With SpeedLingua, they are more active throughout their learning experience.
    • Unmatched monitoring of learner’s progress
      A flexible and easy interface to follow learner’s progression: from a global overview to the smallest details.
    • Motivated and satisfied learners
      Through our various exercises, test and motivation tools, the learner is rapidly progressing. She thus enjoys communicating, and he’s even more motivated to continue learning.
    • Ease of use for all participants
      For the learners, teachers or the training managers, our simple and intuitive interface is accessible even to less experienced user.