Blended-learning: why? how?

What is blended learning?

Blended learning is a combination of classroom training and distance learning in one cohesive training program. A successful mix can make the best use of each modality and maximize learning efficiency. The aim is to ensure a level of training tailored to the specific needs of the learner.

  • How to succeed with a blended learning training program

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Consistency of the whole program and harmonious combination of the modalities

  • Context

    1Each of the modalities must not only be complementary but enrich other parts of the training program.

    2The “classic” training should be reinforced by consistent and diversified online exercises.

    3The learner must be stimulated through various modalities of the training program.

  • Solution

    1SpeedLingua specialist in oral language acquisition is a modality that strengthens and enhances the “classic” teaching sessions.

    2Speedlingua offers many varied and specific exercises.

    3The learner quickly becomes an actor of her training and progress thus much faster.

The adequacy of the content and relevance of the objectives to your specific needs

  • Context

    1Each modality must share the same content and the same educational objectives.

    2Specific content closely matching the learners’ needs.

  • Solution

    1SpeedLingua Web (2.0) offers hundreds of general and specific educational objectives, based on commonly accepted referentials, such as the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR).

    2We offer real-life personal and professional situations.

Monitoring learner’s progress

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    Depending on your needs,  your program and the time availiable, the online modalities must be able to provide you different levels of monitoring, ranging from self-learning only, individualized follow-up by group or by learner.

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    Thanks to  SpeedLingua ‘s notifications, the trainer is informed in real time of the progress of the learners. The dashboard provides an overview of the progress of a group and get all the information about the progress of each learner. These data can be exported to generate administrative or educational reports.

Ease of administration

  • Context

    The administrative burden for corporations and training organizations can quickly become a logistical nightmare. It is imperative to minimize the impacts caused by the implementation of a blended learning program.

  • Solution

    1SpeedLingua Web offers a multitude of solutions for the creation learners’ accounts.

    2Specific reporting tools and statistics are available on our platform.

    3Integration in LMS (Learning Management System) solutions is also facilitated by the creation of courses according to SCORM standard. The learner therefore connects to your platform and will be redirected directly on SpeedLingua Web, without having to re-identify.

    4In a few clicks you can build a set of courses and objectives tailored to your educational needs. Our framework allows adjusting SpeedLingua to your program. And not the other way around, as in many other e-learning solutions.