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Why is it so difficult to learn to speak a foreign language?

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  • Neurosciences tell us that at birth, we have the ability to listen to a very wide frequency range (20Hz to 20kHz ).

    Before the age of two, our ears will focus on the dominant frequencies of our mother tongue, in order to increase our perception of these frequencies.

Each language has its own dominant frequencies

  • For example, the dominant frequencies of French are rather low while those of English rather high. This explains why the French have a lot of difficulty hearing and therefore speaking the language of Shakespeare.

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  • If you can not hear the sound of a language, you can not reproduce it, no matter how you try. This is where Speedlingua comes in play . We have spent the last 10 years perfecting an online solution focused solely on listening and speaking in foreign languages. No vocabulary, no grammar, you just have to listen and speak.

How does it work ?

  • First of all, SpeedLingua will trains your learner’s ears to listen to music filtered in a specific range of frequencies. As a warm-up gym, this will make the internal muscles of the ear exercise in frequencies that it did not used to ear. The learner will gradually regain the ability to listen to the sounds of the target language.

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  • In other exercises, the learner will practice in listening to native speakers, then repeating what she just heard. Thanks to SpeedLingua’s patented technology, her voice will be filtered in the right frequencies and returned to the ears in real – time !

    The different exercises cover all the phonemes of the language in real-life situations. The diversity of our content allows to practice, starting with simple words, the situations really needed on the basis of specific objectives, and using relevant linguistic acts.

    If the learner does not understand everything she said, it is not important, it will come very quickly. Anyway, isn’t it like that that all babies in the world have learned to speak in the first place?


  • Look at the progress !

    If your learner uses Speedlingua for a little as ten hours, not only her perception will improve, but also her pronunciation, rhythm and working memory. More importantly, she will rapidly gain pleasure to speak the new language.

  • Available in 11 target languages:

    • US English
    • UK English
    • French
    • German
    • Spanish
    • Italian
  • _

    • Chinese (mandarin)
    • Russian
    • Dutch
    • Flemish
    • Brazilian Portuguese (new 2014)

Around the world, tens of thousands of learners are already very satisfied with the results obtained with SpeedLingua.

Why not your learners!