Recognized specialist in oral language learning, SpeedLingua provides its expertise fo language training professionals for over 10 years now.


Just like our solution , we want to facilitate intercultural human interactions . We are a team of experts, mainly coming from the language teaching world. Perfectly seasoned with trainers’ objectives, we work within a professional, flexible and responsive organization.

We are directly present in France, Benelux, Switzerland and Germany as well as in the rest of the world through a network of carefully selected partners.

We would love to meet with you to discuss your requirements.

  • photo_antoine
  • Antoine FATIO -CEO

    At the origin of the strategic reorientation of SpeedLingua and its focalisation on a fully online service dedicated to language teaching professionals, Antoine directs SpeedLingua operations since 2010.

    Aviation enthusiast since a young age, Antoine is also President of the Aero Club of Geneva.

  • photo_cecile
  • Cécile PIRES – Director France & Benelux SpeedLingua

    Director France & Benelux SpeedLingua since 2006 , Cécile is also responsible for the promotion and development of Web SpeedLingua in Suisse Romande and the Iberian Peninsula.

    Cécile is fluent in English, Spanish, French , Italian and Portuguese.

  • photo_christian
  • Christian SCHMIDTSales Manager – Germany , Austria, Switzerland

    Specialist in language teaching, development of blended learning solutions for language training centers, Christian SCHMIDT joined SpeedLingua in 2009.

    Franco- German, Christian is also fluent in English and proficient in Spanish.

  • photo_charlotte
  • Anne-Charlotte BOULINGUEZ – Pedagogical Manager

    Main interlocutor of training managers and educators : Charlotte is in charge of the training of trainers, instructional design and content development.

    Charlotte is also an author with Didier, publisher known for the quality of its materials and historically engaged in language teaching.

  • Ali_2
  • Ali OZKANHead of Customer Service

    Responsible for customer support, he directs and coordinates the support to Speedlingua partners.

    Passionate of music and visual art, Ali plays several musical instruments and holds a minor degree in Film and Video.


Key dates

  • 2000

    First research at Metz university into the frequencies used by languages and the effects of aural stimulation.

    Implementation of preliminary works on a system that “opens up” the ear to all frequencies in order to develop an application dedicated to the oral learning of languages.

  • 2003

    Creation of SpeedLingua SA and foundation of SpeedLingua in Switzerland.


    Filing of the first international patent on SpeedLingua innovation.


    Launch of the SpeedLingua Professional Network (individual), a solution aimed at language teaching professionals.

  • 2007

    Launch of a version (adapted and enriched) for language laboratory environments.


    Collaboration with the Lausanne IMD* for the creation of a version specific to the oral practice of English in an international business context.

    (*) Lausanne Institute for Management Development; ranked, in 2011, among the top two global managerial teaching centers by the biggest names in the business press.


    Co-publishing with Paris Alliance française of FLE AF content: phonetic exercises, phrases and vocabulary) dedicated to the learning of French worldwide.

  • 2011

    And the web in all this? To meet the market demand, we launched SpeedLingua Web, a real on-line solution!

    We have also redefined our target, SpeedLingua Web is more directly addressed to the learners, but only for training organizations and corporations: Launch of blended learning!


    SpeedLingua consolidates its position as a specialized publisher with the launch of several specialized language modules designed in collaboration with major players for whom the mastery of oral communication is crucial, the French Air Force for example.


    Strong of 2 years of experience with SLWeb, we are developing a new version, with even a richer content and a more intuitive interface!